Heimsstevna søkir eftir talentum

World Youth Congress 2005 Scotland
heimskongress søkir eftir talentum,
hygg eisini á www.scotland2005.org
Donsk grein úr MUSIKERENS e-NYT nr. 05-05, 14-03-2005
og ensk vegleiðing longur niðri á síðuni.
Unge optrædende (under 25 år) inden for alle kulturelle genrer opfordres nu til at søge om deltagelse i en kongres der skal promovere emner som velgørenhed, miljø og et bæredygtigt samfund på globalt plan. Der udvælges 500 unge musikere og kunstnere til at optræde og deltage på kongressen sammen med repræsentanter fra Verdensbanken, De Forenede Nationer, NGO'er, forretningsfolk, forskere og diverse kendisser. For at komme i betragtning til arrangementet (der finder sted i juli/august 2005) skal du indsende en videooptagelse af din/jeres optræden samt nærmere beskrivelse af hvem I er.
One of the criteria for the selection of the cultural performers for the WYC is based on the performance of the video tape, the applicants have to sent us . If they are interested in performing as a group or single, the following must be sent to the below address before 31st March 2005:
1. A videotape or DVD or CD of the performances.
2. Name and Number of people that make up the group.
3. Nationality of every member of the team .
4. Passport no of every member.
5. Date of birth of every member of the team.
6. An introduction of the group in brief.
7. Application form, available online (www.scotland2005.com. As a group apply with one application only.)
World Youth Congress 2005 Scotland
This summer will see youth delegates promoting volunteering, global citizenship and sustainable lifestyles at the World Youth Congress 2005. Scotland will play host to over 500 of the most dynamic, socially and environmentally aware young people on the planet. They will be joined by celebrities, dignitaries from the United Nations, the World Bank, non-governmental organisations, businesses and academia. And they’re going to need to be entertained!
There is opportunity at WYC 2005 for dancers, singers, actors, musicians and any other performers who are passionate about the issues of poverty, environment and social inclusion. It hopes to boast a line up of the most outstanding youth performers from all around the world with an opportunity to showcase spectacular cultural performances during our plenaries, exhibitions and evening entertainment.
These performances will distil the traditional, contemporary, modern and fusion forms of dance, music and theatre into an extravaganza of Cultural Heritage. It represents a great opportunity of aspiring young artists to perform on stage before a distinguished live audience and to the international media.
Young performers will also have the opportunity to work with internationally renowned actors, directors and choreographers from theatre, television and film. These professionals will help the performers develop their craft through workshops and also by supporting them in a unique film project which all performers will participate in.
The organisers are looking for groups or individual young performers with a varied repertoire of music and dance across all cultural genres. You need to have at least one, preferably more, performances ready to run by the time of the congress. For more information visit www.scotland2005.org